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Scott Fraistat - CEO

Scott was a co-founder of Seasonal Visions International in 2003. As President and CEO, Scott is responsible for implementing the company’s strategic vision and setting the overall course for operations and aggressive growth.

Scott is a respected leader in the seasonal products industry with strong roots in retail merchandising and production. His over twenty-five years of experience includes marketing and managementpositions at Topstone Industries and Paper Magic Group.  During his tenure, sales revenue grew from 23million to over 90 million US dollars.

Scott lives in China to personally oversee SVI’s growing operations in Asia.

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    Andrew Lam

    Vice President Operations

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  • 2020/12/20201208145534711.jpg?SmVzc2UgTmctVmljZSBQcmVzaWRlbnQgb2YgRmluYW5jZSBhbmQgQWRtaW5pc3RyYXRpb24tc3ZpIGdsb2JhbCBsdGQ=

    Dr. Jesse Ng

    Vice President of Finance and Administration

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    Stanley Wong

    Director of Quality and Compliance

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    Macky Liang

    Director of Development

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  • 2021/09/20210922222057437.jpg?MzItMDEuanBn

    Riven Lai

    Marketing Director

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  • 2024/03/20240320090631365.jpg?TWFyayBMaW4uanBn

    Mark Lin

    Manufacturing Director

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    Hanncy Zheng

    Business Development Manager

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